Easter is coming…and so are the Easter Activities!

– I feel a bit Stark-ish today –

Easter *winter* is coming!

Here in Australia, Easter happens around the first month of Autumn/Fall. So for those of us from Downunder, Winter IS actually coming! In Australia, the Easter long weekend is traditionally the last camping weekend of the season…(for the wimps, anyway!) From here on in, things get a little frosty and the tender folks like to stay in doors. So Easter is a last hurrah to Summer and all the things we love to do in the warm weather so we go a little nuts with the Easter activities!

Lots of educators go hard with arts activities at Easter, and I get it – the time lends itself to colourful painting, fluffy collages and fingerprint chicks. But I’ve found that sometimes the normal program goes out the window. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for creative arts activities, and I may have done the odd cotton ball bunny collage thing in my time!

It’s not all about the fluffy Easter craft activities though…

But I keep my eye on the things that are important to me for my kids, too. I still want to work on their counting skills. I still want to promote their name recognition and build their vocabularies and encourage them to think. I’m lucky that I share my room with a bunch of creative types who really balance out my academic bent! I know that I can work with my strong suit and let them work with theirs, knowing we’ll end up giving out kids a nicely rounded curriculum. So while they’re painting Easter bunnies with glue and salt and watercolours, I’m counting rabbits and matching coloured bunnies to their pompom tails and learning how to play a bunny board game.

It’s called balance. Look it up.

What do Easter activities have to do with it?

Easter carries a kind of joy, regardless of your religious beliefs. People celebrate in their own way, and out of respect for the wide variety of cultural beliefs around this time of year, I’m staying purely on the secular side – I’m talking Easter egg hunts, pin the tail on the bunny, drown-me-in-chocolate kinda things! If you’re like me, and love sticking to routine and keeping the learning on track, hit me up – I’d love to know I’m not alone!

If you are looking for some fun activities for your kids for Easter, toddle over to my TPT store and have a browse. As always, there’s the odd freebie there, because you KNOW I believe money shouldn’t be a barrier to learning.

I’m also giving some lucky educators a chance to score my Easter Activity Bundle (5 fun printable activities, in my store for $11.25) for free… if you’d like to know how to be one of the lucky few, reply to this email and I’ll give you the details.

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