10 Surprising Benefits of Playing Card Games with Kids

There are so many reasons to play card games with kids – even kids as young as 3 can join in simple card games with others! In this post, we’ll be exploring the magic of play-based learning through simple card games and discussing ten benefits of playing card games with kids. So, let’s shuffle the […]

Easter is coming…and so are the Easter Activities!

– I feel a bit Stark-ish today – Easter *winter* is coming! Here in Australia, Easter happens around the first month of Autumn/Fall. So for those of us from Downunder, Winter IS actually coming! In Australia, the Easter long weekend is traditionally the last camping weekend of the season…(for the wimps, anyway!) From here on […]

Teaching kids skills using a Bugs Theme for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Each month I plan a theme for preschool and kindergarten that targets a specific area of child development. Last month was mostly about social development, using a Valentines theme as the vehicle. This time, I’ve done a bugs theme for pre-k and kindergarten. Ewww, right? (By the way, if you’d prefer to listen to the […]

New Podcast Episode!

I did a THING! I just released my first ever podcast episode and I want to celebrate by sharing it with you! The plan is to release an episode once a month, to discuss the activities and theme I’m teaching my own group of kids for that month. In each episode I’ll talk about why […]

Why do we teach kids shapes?

teaching kids shapes

Shapes are the building blocks of further learning. Without a solid knowledge of shapes, all other basic literacy and numeracy learning becomes almost impossible. We need to teach kids shapes to build their knowledge of the world around them. Teaching kids about shapes develops visual discrimination Kids need to learn to pay attention to small […]

How nonsense words can help your child learn to read


Nonsense words can help your child learn to read It sounds counterintuitive, but saying nonsense words can help your child learn to read more easily. I know, right?! There’s a famous (well, in the education world, at least!) quote from the amazing Louisa Moats that says, “Teaching reading IS rocket science,” and it’s true – […]

Welcome to The Backyard Teacher blog!

Hello, thanks for dropping by to read my blog – I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you’re an Early Childhood Educator or a Primary/Elementary school teacher, I hope we can work together to make your teaching life a little easier. Now, a little bit about how I came to be writing for you right now… […]