Nurturing Early Number Sense in Early Childhood

number sense can be learned through play

Now, if you’ve been around me for more than a minute, you know I’m a literacy gal by nature, but a bunch of my kiddos have shown they’re ready to learn some number sense. I decided to focus on early numeracy this month and give them a little boost in the right direction. What is […]

10 Surprising Benefits of Playing Card Games with Kids

There are so many reasons to play card games with kids – even kids as young as 3 can join in simple card games with others! In this post, we’ll be exploring the magic of play-based learning through simple card games and discussing ten benefits of playing card games with kids. So, let’s shuffle the […]

Why do we teach themes like Valentines Day in Early Childhood?

Valentines Day is just an excuse for card shops and florists to make money…right? Hmm…maybe not. Whether you’re a fan of Valentines Day or not, you’ll start seeing it everywhere around mid-January, and it’s a common Early Childhood theme, even though kids are a little bit young for romantic love! (If you would like to […]

Playing Board Games with kids is a BIG DEAL!

board games for pre k

Back in the day, playing board games was a thing… I grew up playing board games as a kid. It was a bit of a thing – everyone played scrabble or monopoly or checkers or something like that. Kids were familiar with how games worked. Everyone knew the cheat in the family and how to […]

Color By Number Activities- not just busy work after all!

color by number for pre k

Color-by-number is just a fill-in, right? Color-by-number activities means busywork, right? I had lunch with a co-worker recently and she had just printed off some color-by-number activites for her group. Looking at them, I thought, ‘Hmm…maybe she just needs to keep her kiddos busy for a minute.’ Yes, I know, that was super-judgy of me. […]

What is Small World play?

small world play pre k

So, what is small world play? I was recently explaining the concept to my 19-year-old daughter and showed her some pictures from school. She then complained loudly that she wished there was ‘cool stuff like that’ when she was a pre-schooler! What is Small World play? Small World play means creating miniature life scenes using […]