Fine Motor Skills – Unlocking the Secrets for Pre-K

playing with beads develops fine motor skills

There’s a remarkable yet concerning trend catching our attention in Early Childhood. An increasing number of children are entering kindergarten without the essential fine motor skills they need to wield a pencil with confidence. Starting School at a Disadvantage More and more kids are starting kindergarten without the basic fine motor skills they need to […]

Developing Scissor skills – why do they matter and how do we develop them?

developing scissor skills

Developing scissor skills is an essential part of a child’s fine motor development. Learning how to use scissors effectively not only promotes their hand-eye coordination but also enhances their creativity and independence. If you’re wondering how to teach your child the skills they need to become competent with scissors, you’re in the right place. In […]

Teaching kids skills using a Bugs Theme for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Each month I plan a theme for preschool and kindergarten that targets a specific area of child development. Last month was mostly about social development, using a Valentines theme as the vehicle. This time, I’ve done a bugs theme for pre-k and kindergarten. Ewww, right? (By the way, if you’d prefer to listen to the […]

Making Dinosaur Fossils!

dinosaur skeleton pre k activity

We recently had a mini Dinosaur experience by making dinosaur fossils! I have a little dinosaur addict in my group this year. She is a bright, chatty little poppet who can rattle off dinosaur names like a true Jurassic junkie! She’s got all the gear – dino boots, dino lunchbox, dino clothes…you name it. The […]

Color By Number Activities- not just busy work after all!

color by number for pre k

Color-by-number is just a fill-in, right? Color-by-number activities means busywork, right? I had lunch with a co-worker recently and she had just printed off some color-by-number activites for her group. Looking at them, I thought, ‘Hmm…maybe she just needs to keep her kiddos busy for a minute.’ Yes, I know, that was super-judgy of me. […]