Nurturing Early Number Sense in Early Childhood – Part 4, making Maths Fun!

playing with Lego builds fine motor skills

In the world of early childhood education, the key to nurturing number sense is to make learning maths fun! Let’s explore how we can infuse fun into the process of understanding numbers. (This is Part 4 in my Number Sense series – you can start with Part 1 here.) Play-Based Learning: Making Learning About Numbers […]

Nurturing Early Number Sense in Early Childhood – Part 3, Building Problem-Solving Skills

playing with beads develops fine motor skills

In our journey to foster number sense in early childhood education, problem-solving takes center stage. It’s where children apply their growing mathematical knowledge to real-life situations and learn to think critically. Let’s dive into this exciting aspect of mathematical development. (This post is Part 3 in my Nurturing Early Number Sense series. If you would […]

Nurturing Early Number Sense in Early Childhood

number sense can be learned through play

Now, if you’ve been around me for more than a minute, you know I’m a literacy gal by nature, but a bunch of my kiddos have shown they’re ready to learn some number sense. I decided to focus on early numeracy this month and give them a little boost in the right direction. What is […]

10 Surprising Benefits of Playing Card Games with Kids

There are so many reasons to play card games with kids – even kids as young as 3 can join in simple card games with others! In this post, we’ll be exploring the magic of play-based learning through simple card games and discussing ten benefits of playing card games with kids. So, let’s shuffle the […]

Why do we teach themes like Valentines Day in Early Childhood?

Valentines Day is just an excuse for card shops and florists to make money…right? Hmm…maybe not. Whether you’re a fan of Valentines Day or not, you’ll start seeing it everywhere around mid-January, and it’s a common Early Childhood theme, even though kids are a little bit young for romantic love! (If you would like to […]

Playing Board Games with kids is a BIG DEAL!

board games for pre k

Back in the day, playing board games was a thing… I grew up playing board games as a kid. It was a bit of a thing – everyone played scrabble or monopoly or checkers or something like that. Kids were familiar with how games worked. Everyone knew the cheat in the family and how to […]

What is Small World play?

small world play pre k

So, what is small world play? I was recently explaining the concept to my 19-year-old daughter and showed her some pictures from school. She then complained loudly that she wished there was ‘cool stuff like that’ when she was a pre-schooler! What is Small World play? Small World play means creating miniature life scenes using […]